Sunday, June 15, 2008

CRW: Burning Up the Bases

That kid is ridiculous. It's so much fun watching him steal bases.

Fetus deserved the win on Friday, but the bats just couldn't wake up for him. Wakey deserved the win on Saturday, but our bullpen just couldn't allow that. So today, the Commander pitched his giant, Texan heart out and picked up the win that none of our other starters managed to get.

Being ever-critical of Mr. Beckett, I was not happy with his first three innings, but those last four were fantastic. Even though he didn't get any base hits himself, I was overall really impressed with his work today. Yeah, it was the Reds and they're one of the worst teams in baseball. Usually the Sox have a hard time with bad teams....

But hell, even Coco managed two home runs in this series. The God-who-loves-the-Red-Sox was smiling on the boys down in Ohio this weekend.

Now hopefully that same God is on his way to L.A. to smile down on some other Boston team.

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