Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trot Deserves Better: Minor League Deal for the Dirt Dog

I just saw on a scroll at the bottom on MLB Network that Trot Nixon has signed a minor league contract with the Brewers. Now, it's not fancy or glamorous, but it's better than nothing.

I miss Trot. Trot was just... I don't know, so wonderful while he was here. He played hard every day, and you just knew he loved the game. I still can't delete Trot's final game. A rain-shortened game versus the Orioles. It stays on my DVR and I watch it when I get nostalgic. I wish that he could break back into the majors and have a starting role with a major league team again. I just want him to be successful again. It hurts me to see him suffering through minor league obscurity. At least he knows he'll always be loved and cherished in one town...

Eric Hinske is a Pirate. No, he didn't become a relief pitcher and join our bullpen, he's a member of the Pirates.

Bobby Kielty signed a deal somewhere. I missed where. I just heard he did. I enjoyed Bobby Kielty, I wish him luck. I'm also a terrible reporter since I just don't feel like doing the research right now.

I do wonder whatever happened to Mark Bellhorn. I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic for the '04 team, and Red Sox baseball in general.

I like the MLB network and all, but I just don't feel that connected to the 2005 NLCS. All I've seen on this network so far is David Eckstein. He's on every show! Does he own part of the network or something?

Anyway, good luck Little Tek. I'll be keeping track of you this season, and hoping to see you in the bigs again


Anonymous said...

Kielty signed with the Mets. :)

Jup said...

thank you for letting me know. I completely forgot to follow up like I had intended =)