Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gabe Kapler: Another One for the Bad Guys

No matter how long they are known as the Rays, the Devil will always be implied.

Gabe Kapler apparently couldn't find a better market for himself, so he settled for signing a one-one contract. Maybe he sees the Rays as a perennial contender, what with their young pitching and manager with Weezer glasses. I don't know. I'm happy that Gabe has a job, and happier that we'll be seeing him many times over the course of the season. I'm just not happy that he's playing for them. Them. The (Devil) Rays.

Is this the Rays' retribution against us for having signed Rocco Baldelli? They want to steal one of our own? One of the 25?! It's not right. Sigh. Not like I'll hold it against Gabe or anything. How could I ever stay mad at him? It's not like he signed with the Yankees.

In other news:
-Mike Sciocia signed a ten year extension with the Angels.
-the Grand Jury is looking into a perjury case against good old Billy Boy Clemens. Honestly, I like seeing Roger embarassed as much as anyone else, but let's stop wasting all this goddamned money on him. We all know he lied. We also all know he'll never see the inside of a jail cell, so what's the point? He can't possibly be embarrased any further. He's about as low as anyone can be right now.
-The Brewers avoided arbitration with J.J. Hardy by inking him to a one-year $4.6 million deal. J.J. Hardy is one of those guys I really wish Theo would pick up. He's not the absolute best short stop in the world, but still. Better than POS.
-According to the Globe, the Sox are intending to approach Kazerud about a contract extention. I don't know what Theo would want with him. He's not old or injured...

Glad that the Hot Stove is finally warm instead of cold...

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