Friday, January 16, 2009

A Youk in Hand: Worth What On The Field?

I am aware that headline made no sense, but it's early and I was woken up abruptly to find out I overslept. So that's what you get.

So the Red Sox give Youk a 4 year, $41.25 million contract. I've taken issue with a lot of things about Youk., but really since he's proven that he can hit in the 2nd half of the season, I've been slightly less critical of him. I like this extension, because there's just no denying that Youk is terrific defensively, and when he's on at the plate, he's scary. So the Cincinatti hillbilly is stuck with us through 2012, with a club option for 2013. How much do you think Munchkin gets on the phone with Youk the minute that he found out about the contract, and is bragging that his contract is worth more years? I'd put money on it.

The White Sox have signed Bartolo Colon to a one-year deal. My initial reaction to this story.... I see the headline 'White Sox sign Colon.' I immediately gasped and blurted out loud 'Not Bartolo!" It's not that I wanted him back or anything. I guess I was just surprised that anyone wanted him. But he's back in Chicago again. I just hope I don't end up seeing him pitch when I head to Chicago in September...

Jonathan Papelbon filed for arbitration. I'm absolutely not surprised. I'm confident that the Red Sox probably offered him a low-ball, hometown discount type deal, knowing that he wouldn't take it. Paps is one of those players that sort of made it clear to me that he's in it more for the payday than for the love of the game. And that's fine. He obviously loves the game and he's good at what he does, but he's not lying to everyone and saying "I love Boston, and will never ever leave them as long as they offer me a fair salary." He came out and said he's looking for the most money. Is he a Boras client? If not, he probably will be someday. So he'll get arbitration this year, and he'll get a raise. Maybe one day Theo can talk him into an extension.

David Aardsma was designated for assignment to make room for Saito on the 40 man roster. Sigh, it's almost always sad when I have to move players from the Sox nickname list to the Former/Non-Sox nickname list... Good luck, David! I'm sure you'll wind up somewhere.

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