Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Theo Epstein: Master of... Thriftiness?

Ok. It's January 6th. Enough with the foolishness, Theo. Stop collecting other teams' garbage and focus, will you?

It's not that I don't think Virgil Vasquez, Dewon Day, Ramon Ramirez, Wes Littleton, Miguel Gonzalez, Junichi Tazawa, Josh Bard, Brad Penny, and Nick Green (along with a plethora of minor league players that probably won't see a major league game all year unless they watch one on TV) can be great impact players.... I mean, I don't think they can be, but that's irrelevant. We have a giant problem named Julio Lugo that needs to be removed. We have one major league ready catcher who actually had a WORSE batting average than Tek last year. Who, exactly, is our fourth outfielder? Does anyone feel comfortable will the bullpen we have? Utility infielder, anyone?

Listen, I know most of these are questions that will be answered in spring training, when baseball season blooms again and everything seems wonderful and new. Great. I still want a catcher. Be it Tek, or Teagarden, or Saltalamacchia.... one way or another, we need someone who can handle our pitchers. Better yet, if Josh Bard is set to be our every day catcher.... who is catching for Wake now that evil, horrible, stupid Kevin Cash is gone? Who? WHO?!

Theo does not make the off-season easy for me. I mean, one day we have meaningful baseball games, and the next day it's over, and nothing remotely interesting happens with the Red Sox for months? I'm dying here, Theo. Planning my different baseball related trips for the year does nothing to quench my thirst. Toss me a catcher, will you? Better yet, toss out our old shortstop! Do SOMETHING.

On a side note, I enjoy that Andy Pettitte turned down the Yankees' offer. I still think it's inevitable that he'll rejoin them, but I enjoy that he turned down their 1-year, $10 million offer. Hell, if they can shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars to a guy with an ERA over 7 in playoff games, why are they lowballing Pettitte? He's helped them win big before, hasn't he? Not the time to get cheap now, Hanky!

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