Friday, January 9, 2009

In the Not-So-Smiley Section

Apparently, I'm the last to know. I'm ok with being the last to know, but I'm not ok with what I'm knowing.

Charlie Zink has been designated for assignment. (the article is really about Baldelli, but if you look really close in the middle, it mentions that Charlie got the boot)

Now, I KNOW that it had to be done in order to get Rocco a roster spot, and the chances of us needing another knuckleball pitcher this year are incredibly slim. Hell, it doesn't seem like Timmy Wonderpitches is going anywhere fast, so Charlie would basically be sitting around in Pawtucker, wondering if his one shot in the majors would be his only shot in the majors.

His one performace was admittedly not good, but that's the mystery of the knuckleball. He could have come out the next time around and pitched a shut out. He still may, just not with the Red Sox. I wish Charlie the best of luck, and I'm sorry it had to end this way for him. Go kick some ass, Charlie (just not ours)!

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