Friday, January 9, 2009

Wake Up And Smell the Kotsay

Not to imply that C+ smells badly. I've personally never been in a close enough proximity to him to smell him, nor would I want to.

Rumors have it that we've re-signed Kotsay to a one year 1.5 million dollar deal. I guess it's not technically a rumor, and the Herald was the source that I first saw it reported in.

I remember having absolutely no opinion of Mark in his time with the Braves, A's, Padres, and Marlins. When he came to the Sox, I was ridiculously frustrated with him and cringed whenever I would see him come up to bat. It's not that he wasn't trying, and it mostly wasn't his fault. He was hitting rockets... just at every fielder imaginable. Especially in the playoffs, the guy was just having such bad luck with getting a hit to fall in...

Regardless, it left an impression with me. It's obvious he has talent, but does he have luck? Everyone needs a little luck sometimes, and a good team with unlucky players... I don't know. I hope this move works out for us, since we really did need a utility infielder. I don't even know if we can call him a "utility" infielder. Through his career, he's really only played 1B and OF. I guess that's where Lugo comes in, being expected to play the other infield positions... oh god.

Still hoping to move POS before the season starts...

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