Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mayor Resigns From Office

He is more formally known as Sean Casey, but the man known as the Mayor is retiring from baseball. The friendliest, nicest human being on the face of the planet (according to assorted MLB player polls) is leaving the world of baseball to get a job in the world of baseball programming. Since I found that I do, in fact, get MLB network at home, I guess I'll be seeing Sean from time to time. I wish him well. He has one of those personalities that just screams TV. Who doesn't want to see Frankie's smiling face? Come on now. I really need to find a baseball holder for the ball Casey signed for me. It seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming him into Boston. My only regret is that we couldn't win that ring for him. So good luck, Sean. We'll be seeing you.

Please take the contract, Jason! Just say yes, sign your name and put your Sox jersey back on. Don't be stupid. No one else wants you, and we LOVE you here despite your deficiencies. Sign the damn contract! And do it fast!

So with all the respect I've always had for Joe Torre, the news of his new book is kind of cool. I'll be looking forward to picking it up. And no, I don't expect it to be full of cheap shots and insults. Joe has always seemed like a nice guy, even in pinstripes. I doubt he'll stoop all the way down to that level.

Come on, baseball season. Come back to me. I miss you.

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