Friday, January 9, 2009

Something To Make Me Smile

Was talking with a friend regarding the Yankee's recent Sox-scrap-heap pick up. In case you were not aware, the Yanks signed Jason Johnson to a minor league deal. Yes. Jason Johnson (for the record, I really did like the guy and was so awfully impressed by his crusade to pitch with diabetes... he just wasn't very good and that made me really sad.).

I said that I'm sure Johnson will get called up in mid-April when Burnett breaks his face or other crucial body part. You know it's going to happen... maybe not in April, but it will happen. So Johnson will get his shot.

My friend replied that his father (who is a Yankee's fan) was utterly disappointed with their offseason thus far. He thinks eMpTy sucks, Burnett will be having surgery by June, and Fatass Sabbathia will choke his playoff ERA up into the 10's. He also wishes that Theo would trade Beckett to the Yankees for Burnett.

Obviously, we all know that's not going to happen. Why would we trade Beckett in an odd year. We all know his best years are odd years. 2003? 2007? 2005 wasn't bad. But don't even ask about 2006 or 2008. 2004, I'm not so sure about. In my super-advanced scientific/mathematical equation, logic dictates that Beckett will have somewhere around 80 wins himself this year.* There is absolutely no way (I hope) that Theo does anything to jeopardize what should be a good year for Beckett by trading him to any other team. You don't trade your co-ace (Jon Lester being the other, stronger half of that equation from this past season). I'll willingly rent him to the Yankees in 2010, assuming that his current odd-even year trend continues. If he's good two years in a row, we're keeping him. Who am I kidding, I'd never give him to the Yankees, even as a rental.

*Disclaimer: hyperbole can be fun.

While I can't claim that I'm super thrilled about our moves this off-season, in the past week, Theo's plugged a couple of holes that concerned me (outfielder, infielder...). I'm not worried enough to want to trade one of our players to the Yankees for one of their big names. The Commander is staying put, and Jon Lester (who really deserves a manlier nickname these days) isn't going anywhere either. I believe in these guys. I know what they can do in the playoffs... I also know what a lot of those Yankee players can do in the playoffs, and I'm just not concerned about them right now.

I know I got a tad bit rambly, but I was amused. And if I can possibly share my silly amusement with others, then I will ramble.

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