Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dougie: Now Employed outside of girl's softball

I had previously read an article (don't even ask me where, I have no clue) saying that Doug Mirabelli was working as the coach for his daughters' softball team. While that's precious and adorable and whathaveyou, Dougie can do better.

Mr. Sexy Italian Catcher is apparently now living in Traverse City, Michigan with his family. According to this article, he is going to be the manager of the St. Francis Gladiators. Of course I believe the article. Why would the article have any reason to lie to me?

While I know absolutely nothing about the town or the team he's going to be coaching, I am super happy for Dougie, and I wish him nothing but luck.

And perhaps I will find my way to Traverse City at some point in the future....

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