Monday, July 7, 2008

Yankee Series: Annoying? Oh Yeah.

I hate picking in Tito. It hurts me emotionally, and lately I've found myself doing it more and more. Trust me, I hate it. I want to not have any bad thing to say about Tito! I am just so frustrated with the last two games of this series that I have no one else to blame... except Kevin Cash. It's all Tito and Cash's fault. Damn you, Kevin Cash!

I was pissed that Wakey was taken out of the game in the 7th inning yesterday with one out. Knowing how absolutely terribly our bullpen has been lately, why would you ever take out a starter who was pitching well just for the sake of getting Javier Lopez work? I'm sure Tito had his reason, but come on! Really? Javier Lopez? Why didn't you just ask Luis Alicea to pitch? Better yet, why not leave in the starter?

I'm one of those people who subscribe to the theory that starters are babied. I know that you'd rather have your starter pitch 200 innings and pitch incredibly well in the playoffs than pitch 240 innings and be unable to win a game in, for a completely random example, the 2007 ALCS... But that doesn't sway my opinion that starters should go seven innings or more, unless they truly do not have it, or look like they're wearing out fast. Wake was not wearing out. When Dice-K was taken out after the 5th inning, he was just hitting his stride. Let them pitch. That's what they're paying them for. Stop babying the damn millionaires.

I love Jason Varitek, and will never EVER say anything bad about him, but... Tek, darling, with a 2-1 count, you don't swing. Ever. There's no excuse for swinging at that pitch. Make him throw strikes! Of course, I'm talking about the 9th inning of Saturday's game... and hell, it might have even been a 2-0 count. I was at work, listening on the radio, and I feel like I never know what's going on when I have to listen to Castiglione.... I know that it was a 2-something count, definitely not 2-2 though. Jason is foresaking all the laws of hitting, and I'm not sure why. Because he's better than that and he knows it. I know it, too, that's why I'm keeping the so-called faith. The hits will come, when he stops acting so awkward at the plate.

Lugo is the great end-all. Bite the bullet, Theo, and dump his ass like we did with Rentaripoff. At least Edgar could hit.

I maintain that if Papelbon spent less time bitching about his salary, and complaining that he's the next Mariano Rivera, and making stupid music videos, and promoting everything for sale in the known universe, he wouldn't be hitting this rough patch.

Hey Paps, when you can pitch like Rivera (see: 2 IP no runs), maybe we'll consider you the next Rivera. For now, work on getting your ego in check, and keeping the base runners (by the way, why are you allowing so many baserunners) out of scoring position. Thanks.

See you all at Fenway tonight, hopefully while the Sox aren't getting their collective ass handed to them by Minny.

PS - Ortiz, we miss you. Please come back to us!

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