Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jason Varitek: Still makes me happy after all these years

And oh, the many years there have been. People have been (fairly) criticizing his AB's lately. He hasn't been getting it done. But the old dirt dog showed me that there's something left. There's enough of a reason to give him a 17 year contract and never, ever let him walk away from this team. Ever. Ok, so that may be a tad bit dramatic, but you know what? 2 or 3 years is do-able. Isn't it?

2-run home runs are always welcome. But if they're from Kevin Cash (they're not. trust me) then we can credit them to Doug Mirabelli. We know who is the real backup catcher. Thanks, Cash, for ruining that series in LA.

Another big story of the night? That's right. Binky. Bow down, bitches, the kid is turning into pitching royalty. I don't hate to say I told you so.

Don't forget Jed "Anyone is better than Lugo" Lowrie. Something about a 2-run double... I don't know, I was too busy fixating on Tek and Binky. Love those men.

Speaking of men that I love... hey Mikey Lowell... is everything ok, dearest?

Anyway, if you wanna see some half-disturbing pictures of the inside of Curt Schilling's shoulder, head on over to 38pitches.com and witness all that is the makeup of a big-game-pitcher's deteriorated shoulder. Yay! Speedy recovery, Curt...

PS - three more days until the return of he-who-hits-walkoffs. Shhh!

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