Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daisuke: Translated to English Means "Imminent Implosion"

C'mon, we all saw it coming. It was bound to happen eventually. Dice-K had a bad game, at a bad time (could have been a lot worse), and we lost. He's been walking people by the dozen, and escaping jams by the skin of his teeth. I have forgiven him. It's time to forget last night for the following reasons:

1) The Rays and the Yankees also lost, so the standings remain. We've lost no ground.
2) John Lackey is pitching tonight, and the Sox have a history of making Fenway a nightmare for him.
3) We'll win. Even with Dahmer on the mound.
4) Manny hit a home run. And it was beautiful. Another reason he makes me smile.

Everything is bright, sunny, and optimistic right now in my little piece of the world. Of course, that would be much different if one or both of those other teams had won. They didn't. My good mood is safe... much like Jacoby Ellsbury when he's base-stealing. Completely, 100%, without-a-question safe.

This is not to say that a late August/September rant won't be happening, because it probably will. Wow, is it really almost August already?... damn. Ok, that's ok. We'll get 'em tonight, kids. No worries!

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