Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Papi: Putting Some Power into One

Last night's game was pretty kickass. Forget Manny being Manny, that was totally Binky being Binky. Yeah, he had a rough 5th, but who didn't? It seems like Binky always gives us the starts we desperately need, even if his offense doesn't back him up (Commander Kickass suffers severely from the offensive difficulties this year). What a kid. Got to love him.

Even the love of my life got an RBI last night, so of course I am a happy girl.

I found this at Joy of Sox this morning, and I'll admit that I laughed out loud a little. Because I don't enjoy ESPN, and when they make themselves look bad, it makes me happy!

When Ortiz hit his first homer since returning from the DL, my heart felt light and joyful. Do you comprehend what this means?! He's BACK. Officially. Ortiz, the RBI-maker, the Lord of Deep Fly Balls, the face that causes relievers all around MLB to faint... yes, he hit a home run in the majors! He did not crumble to the ground in pain. He will be ok (I constantly worry about him), and now I've got nothing to fear for the rest of the season. It's all going to be ok because of Ortiz's home run swing.

Despite losing two out of three to the Yanks, I'm not upset. The Sox are only one game out, and that's perfectly fine by me. Not a big obstacle, I assure you.

Now... onto my POV about the whole Manny situation, since everyone in the world is addressing the Manny situation this morning, and I don't want to be left out of such global unity...

I believe that I feel the same way about Manny as he feels about the team. Every once in a while, I'll get absolutely frustrated with him and want him gone forever. Then, in a heartbeat, he does something that makes me smile and question whether I could be happy with him gone. The answer to myself is usually no. I want Manny in a Red Sox uniform. Manny seems to get frustrated with the team for one reason or another, and he wants out of Boston on occasion. Then, something will snap, and Manny will smile and say he wants to stay here forever (even if he doesn't mean it).

Remember, everyone, he's the only Dominican drama queen we have left now that Pedro's in NY. We NEED Manny to keep this team light. His Manny moments may not be liked by all, but damnit, we can't throw him away. I know he's on the decline in his career, but the decline isn't severe enough yet to warrant losing Manny and breaking up the heart of our order. Who replaces him? I love Manny's antics. I love his hair and his baggy uniform and his goofy smile when he realizes he made a mistake. I love the way he lights up the playoffs, and watches his homeruns, and plays balls off the green monster. I love that opposing pitchers pitch to him with first base open and the game on the line, and he usually makes them pay. I love that runners underestimate his arm and fielding. I may not like his attitude sometimes, or that he quits on the team whenever he damn well pleases, but that's part of the package of Manny. You have to take the good with the bad, and I would not be happy losing out on the good for the sake of ditching the bad.

Manny's a child. He throws his tantrums, but he settles down. You can't deny his presence or production. Manny just wouldn't be happy anywhere else, and I wouldn't be happy without Manny.

So screw you, members of the media who think the Red Sox should do without Manny. I want him to stay (even if I don't always think I do). He's our crybaby goofball, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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