Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mr.Awesome: Living Up to the Title

Yes, loving Mike Lowell may very well be considered a national pasttime, but it's perfectly ok to reiterate that fact every five minutes or so. I love Mike Lowell. Even when he's slumping, I love Mike Lowell (and, you know... most of the other guys on the team)

The man, the myth, the legend.... David Ortiz is doing that whole "coming back" thing tomorrow night, which should make everyone happy. Even if his timing is off for a week or so, we've got him back! I wasn't entirely sure we would get him back this season. Having Ortiz in the lineup does wonderful things for my confidence.

Dahmer was... well, not bad. I'm not entirely convinced that he's the one who should be in the rotation (... is Bartolo Colon coming back this year?), although Fetus looked really good out of the bullpen, which is something that you can't really say about anyone else out there. If Fetus can keep up the good work, maybe I'll feel more confident about the jolly band of pirates.

Rumors that the Red Sox are looking into Juan Uribe... presumably to take over for Prince who (in limited work) has been just short of miserable this year... have started to pop up. Oh, trading deadline season, how I love you.

So it's another freaking week of no Thursday games. Ok. I'll live, especially since they got off one of their most sucesssful road trips of the year (.500!). Oh Fenway, please be more kind than the road.

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