Thursday, July 17, 2008

ASB: Breakdown

It's kind of fitting that this All-Star Break was housed in New York and was one of the biggest disappointments I've seen in a while

First of all, Josh Hamilton is really the winner of that home run derby, but Justin Morneau gets the giant novelty check? Because he hit two more home runs in the final round? Even though he ended with THIRTEEN home runs less than Hamilton? My God, will awarding people who don't deserve awards ever end at Yankee stadium? I guess you don't even have to be a Yankee to reap the benefits of the disgusting bias over in New York, you just have to be not as good as someone else.

Well, Justin Morneau fits that bill, so he "wins." Seems kind of like that most valuable player award he didn't really win... maybe it's a Canadian thing.

And we all know another award that went to someone in Yankee stadium who really didnt deserve it.... There was a guy named Gonzo who probably fell over in shock after that was announced... I'm just saying, a fielding percentage 10 points less than Gonzo, and more than double the amount of errors leads to a gold glove? Whatever.

The All-Star game itself was on the boring side.... fifteen innings? Why are we pushing our players for fifteen innings in a meaningless game (yes it IS meaningless) when they could be resting. This was more of a punishment for those poor guys than it was a privilege... honestly now, Bud.

From what I hear, the red carpet parade was terrible and obscenity laced. New Yorkers... really now. Threatening a pregnant woman? Swearing in front of kids? Acting like complete neanderthals? Can't you muster up one shred of decency and realize that these guys were with their families, trying to enjoy the festivities? Disgusting behavior. Everyone who swore and threatened should be ashamed of themselves. But they're not, because they're NYY fans, and lord knows most of those people don't have any concept of decency at all.

You want to threaten Papelbon? Fine. Don't threaten his wife. She didn't do anything to deserve that. You want to boo the Red Sox (even though they were technically on your team for the night, you morons). Fine, boo them, but do it only on the field and stop swearing in front of their kids at a parade. I guess Yankee fans are just to bitter to appreciate the fun of an exhibition game. And don't give me the crap "If it had been A-Rod at Fenway, you guys would have done the same thing." You're wrong, and you're stupid if you think this. Yeah, he'd get booed, but the bullshit at the parade? Yeah, don't bet on it.

Now that the Not-Really-the-House-that-Ruth-Built love fest is over, they can demolish the place knowing that nothing significant will ever happen there again. Thank God.

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