Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Manny Ramirez: Remembering how to swing a bat... one day at a time.

Folks, around here, Manny gets away with just about anything. By here, I of course mean the Boston metro area, and probably a large portion of New England in general. Why does Manny get to do whatever the hell he wants? Because we're terrified that if we call him out for anything, he'll stop hitting, or demand a trade, or do some other perfectly juvenile thing. That's just how he is. Perfectly juvenile. He's perfected the craft of acting like a whiney little high school student. Regardless of this, I adore watching Manny. Last night was why. I know he's still got it. He can still win games. He'll never grow up, but as long as he can win games, I can put up with his ridiculousness. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I cannot approve of the slander vs. Varitek I was reading on unnamed websites last night. The thought of people badmouthing him makes me die a little inside. I know he's not hitting! I realize he's 15 for his last 120 or so, ok? I know. Just lay off. If people can find it within them to support POS through his slump last June, shouldn't the Captain get far more leeway and far more support? Really now.

I just found out that POS's wife's name is Sulky. Really? Sulky? I guess I would be sulky too if I found myself married to him. But I'm extremely biased, so...

I want to start a rumor that Munchkin goes to playgrounds before each game and pushes around little kids so that he can feel authoratative. Then he steals their ice cream money and laughs in their faces. He does this because he can, because it makes him powerful, and because he really likes ice cream.

That is all. In a good mood after a win, and hoping the day flies by so I can go home and nap.

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