Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's not right

It's not right at all when the current streak of sucktitude is overshadowed by the media fussing about Manny.

Manny's damn right, we don't deserve him. You people at Fenway the last few nights (you know, the thousands of you who were booing), fucking shame on you. Disgusting. How can you boo him, your own player, at home? What is wrong with you people? Are you really going to let a few disgruntled Manny comments change your opinion of a guy who gave us the best damn years of his career? He never during this saga said anything negative about the fans. Everyone wanted Manny to talk, and now you boo him for what he says? God damn, some people are just never fucking happy!

Well, screw all of you. If Manny goes, you're going to miss him, you assholes. Booing Manny Ramirez for front office drama... this is just the pinnacle of absurdity, isn't it? No wonder Boston fans have such a bad reputation around the US. You're not supposed to boo your own damn players! If you're booing them, why are you even at the game. You obviously care more about gossip than the game. Get the hell out of my ballpark. Voice your disagreement with Manny at another place and time. You're just proving his damn point.

Kudos to those who didn't boo Manny. Sadly, there were not enough of you. I appreciate that you keep your mind on the game and realize that we might just be trying to win a game.

Anyway... Beckett flat out sucked last night. Everyone on this roster is due for a few good games.

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