Thursday, June 16, 2011

What A Night: Everything Seems So Happy and New

I'm slightly delirious. No sleep last night. Living in the Boston suburbs, with neighbors shooting off fireworks all around my house and being too hyped up to sleep anyway led to a pretty restless night... but I would absolutely live it over and over again. Fantastic sports night.

I want to keep waxing on and on about the Bruins and how excited I am for them to bring the championship back.... how I kept telling everyone 'Get Horton to Vancouver and they'll win!"... how Horton poured Boston water on the ice before the start of the game... how Luongo looked like he was about to cry half way through the second period... or how we HAD to score four more goals off of him because he was taken out of game six early and we hadn't finished with him yet, but this is a baseball blog, so I'm about to get back on point. The last thing I will say is Chara made the commissioner look like a kindergartener. Holy crap that man is tall... but the look of pure joy on his face was something I will not soon forget.

Back to topic. Beckett.... goddamn it, Josh. Just damn it all. I have this list, you see... a list of people who have ruined your no-hitters. Now do I need to start a list of people who ruin your perfect games? Because if I do, Reid Brignac's on that list, and I'm not even sure he deserved a hit for that! I think they should have given Youkilis an error. Regardless, Joshua. Enough! Just get a damn no-hitter already and let me dispose of this list! God, you're frustrating!

Only partially kidding on that one. Beckett was so close to perfect that I really can't fault him for that one "hit". Sharky comes in two days ago and throws a complete game with five hits and three walks on 110 pitches. Beckett gives him the middle finger, marches on to his pitching mound and throws a complete game with one hit and no walks using 97 pitches. I don't even know which phrase to use here. In your face, Sharky? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it? It is with great amusement that we assess your performance in the sporting event of the previous day and determine that it is of lesser quality than that of the performance delivered by our pitcher in the most recent game? Eh, that's a little too wordy. In your face, Sharky!

I was ready to deliver a barrage of spine punches to Kevin Youkilis, who absolutely deserved every one I was planning... and then he hit that home run, and we're kind of friends again. Kind of. I was flipping back and forth between the Sox and Bruins. I flipped to the Sox as they were walking Ernie (right after Munckin's triple! Yay Munchkin!) and Don informed me that Bergeron had scored, so I flipped back to the Bruins in an effort to catch the replay. I got to see it; I cheered a little, and then flipped back to the Sox just in time to see that I had missed the home run. For next time, guys, could you please make the most exciting points of your game at different times so I don't miss them? Thank you. It is most appreciated.

The Yankees beat Texas 12-4 AGAIN, so we're still only 1.5 ahead of them, but we kicked a little dirt in Tampa's face last night. Today, it's up to Dahmer to take down David Price and deliver us a series win. Go for the jugular, Clay! Show no mercy!

And finally, a message to MLB. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE NICK SWISHER'S STUPID YANKEE FACE WHEN I GO TO REDSOX.COM! Take that nonsense down immediately!

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toosoxy said...

i missed the sox game. but i am glad beckett was able to pull through without me.
i ws there in spirit. you know, when my spirit wasn't drinking champagne out of the stanley cup.