Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blue Jays Nightmare: Munchkin Returns

After a late night in New York, the Sox found themselves plopped into the middle of the Rogers Center being told to do that baseball thing that they do. Those sleepy Sox managed to obey, and they brought a 5-1 win with them back to their hotel for a well-deserved night's rest.

Dahmer battled through sleep deprivation and a blister on his hand, serving up one of the bebest performances we've gotten out of him this year. Seven innings, three hits, and one run was enough to earn him a win, especially since his offense gave him five runs to work with. He made it hold up, for sure.

However, the story for me was the return of Munchkin. I know, you couldn't tell based on my title or the picture of Pedroia I chose for the occasion. His three hits for the night did wonders to assuage my fears over his knee pains. After the possible surgery panic, I just needed to see him on the field again. I feel better now.

He even went so far as to drive in the first run for us, which was considerate of him. Actually, it was considerate of the team just to play this game. Dahmer with his blister, Salty with his sour stomach, and Munchkin with his balky knee... not to mention the every day bumps and bruises that are part of any major league team in June.... it's amazing they didn't fall apart on the field. I'm glad they didn't. I enjoyed watching them win more than I would enjoy watching them fall apart like paper dolls.

All in all, it was a good, tiring night. I'm tired right now just thinking about the game.... tired enough that I think I'm going to not write about it any more. Besides, the next two games will be much more fun to discuss.... tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to bed!

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