Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crawford: My God, Why Does He Not Have A Nickname Yet???

I was at a concert on Friday night. I didn't see even one little second of the game, but I got my text updates. After the first inning, seeing the score at 4-2 did not give me the warm fuzzies. Since I did not SEE Dahmer, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just pretend that his allowing eight hits and six runs was the umpires' fault. Everyone knows that they caused enough chaos this weekend anyway. More on that in another post. Probably the next one.

Whatever happened in this game, the one thing I do know is that Crawford brought it home for us. He's got the kind of name that should lend itself well to a nickname, and nothing has really fit him yet. I want to give him a nickname so badly, but I know that it has to come naturally. One day, I will blurt something out, and it will make me laugh, and I'll keep it. However, if anyone can provide a good suggestion, I'll take it. Also, I want to point out that I am happy they have updated Crawford's big board picture. Where as before, he had a sad looking portrait, and now he's all smiles. I didn't get a picture of it, but I will next time I go.

So Crawford wins the game, and I'm pretty sure he's officially won my heart. What is that now? Four walk-offs? That's one sure way to get over the nerves of pitching in a place like Fenway. Crawford's here, guys, and I think he's gonna like it here.

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