Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should We Say Goodbye: Dice Decides on Tommy John Surgery

I don't know if the reports coming from Peter Abraham are solid or if there's still speculation involved in the whole thing, but we're bound to find out soon.

If Dice does have the surgery, it's entirely likely that we'll never see him in a Red Sox uniform again. I don't know many people (any people, actually) who are going to be devastated by that news, but I want to remind everyone that the Dice-K experiment wasn't a complete failure the way it is often portrayed. While the last few years have been injury riddled and frustrating, please keep in mind that Dice helped us win a World Series in 2007. He was 4th in rookie of the year voting that season. He actually got Cy Young votes in 2008, after having a very sucessful season that saw him go 18-3 with a 2.90 ERA.

Take away the price tag that he came with, and forget all the hype surrounding him (I know it's incredibly hard, believe me, I do), and we ended up with a pretty good pitcher. Sure, 2009 was an injury plagued bust, and 2010 was highly criticized because we had seen so much better from him, but he wasn't as bad as we all remember him being.

If indeed he has pitched his last game for the Red Sox, and even with the Tommy John surgery only time will tell if he can make it back, I wish him the best. I won't miss him, but I wish him the best.

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