Sunday, June 19, 2011

Foghorns At Fenway: Sox Powerplay On Point

Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Tim Wakefield

Nine wins is all that separates Timmy and the all-time wins record. How fantastic was he today? Answer: Very fantastic. It seems that every time you pair Tim Wakefield and Tim Thomas, good things happen. The Bruins, of course, were in the house to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship with the Sox. Watching #33 Captain Zdeno Chara throw out the first pitch to #33 Captain Jason Varitek was incredible. In honor of the B's, the Sox let the foghorn echo every time we scored a run. The foghorn got a strenuous workout today.

Tim, though. Tim is unbelievable. This man just keeps chugging along, pitching innings, confusing batters, and lately being a Beckett-level badass (without the Beckettesque attitude). Today, in just another day's work, Timmy pitched eight innings of three-hit ball. Two of those hits were home runs, and the other was a double. The only other baserunner Nyjer Morgan, who reached on a walk in the 5th. All Tim needed to dominate the Brewers was 99 pitches. Yet another quality start for the elder statesman. Yes, Jim Rice, he IS a horse.

As for the foghorn... there were only three innings where it didn't have a job to do. Shame on you, innings 2,3, and 8. You're off the hook, 9th inning, because we didn't have to play you. By the time the first inning was over, CRW had a multi-hit game going, and the foghorn had sounded six time. SIX TIMES. Munchkin got the foghorn screaming again in the fifth inning with a solo home run to straightaway center field. That home run was followed by Ernie's 1000th career hit... a triple, no less! Two batters later, Ortiz beat out the throw to first, preventing a double play and scoring Ernie from third. In the fifth, the horn sounded for Munchkin again as his sac fly scored Reddickulous from third. At this point, everyone on the team except for Scutaro had collected at least one hit.

Scoots didn't have to wait much longer, as he hammered a ball into the monster seats in the 6th, plating two more runs and letting the horn sing again. In the seventh, Ernie singled in Drew Sutton, who had been running for Munchkin. Too bad they didn't have him run for Youkilis, who was hobbling around pretty bad out there at the end of the inning. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he's not hurt.

Aside from the news that Dahmer is now on the DL with a stiff back, this was a beautiful day at Fenway. And of course, Dahmer is only injured because the sports gods are doing everything in their power to get Wake those nine wins. Don't be surprised if Lackey ends up with another mysterious injury when Clay is ready to come back. And no, it won't have anything to do with Mike Timlin.

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I'd like Wake forever. Forever.