Thursday, June 9, 2011

Injury Report: I Thought We Were Supposed To Stay Healthy This Year.

Alright, injury bug, I'm gonna be straight with you. I don't like you, and you don't like me, but you seem to REALLY like my team. Clever how you made Salty sick the day Wakefield was pitching. This surreptitious attempt to throw us off remains unappreciated and I kindly request that you immediately halt any further devious schemes to derail my team. Thank you.

As predicted, Jenks is back on the DL with a sore back. The Sox called up itty bitty baby catcher Luis Exposito to take his spot, mostly because Salty ended up in the hospital yesterday with intestinal turmoil concerning enough that the team wanted to take every precaution available. Luckily, Salty is going to be ok, and he was back at the park before the end of the game.

Lowrider had an MRI on his achy shoulder, and got positive results, so perhaps he'll get a few more days of rest before getting back out onto the field.

Pedroia will be heading back to Boston to have his knee examined, which is just unbelievably frightening. I know Pedroia hasn't been hitting well, and a knee problem would explain that, but being without him for extended periods of time? Now I'm having flashbacks to last season. I hope that whatever news he gets is the best-possible news, and if he does have to be away for a month, I hope he comes back ready to kick some ass without being in pain.

This is not over, injury bug. There's going to be a duel between us. I can just see it.

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