Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Hate John Lackey: No, I Really Do

I sat in Fenway yesterday through rain delay after rain delay. It was by FAR the most rain delays I've ever sat through. And for what? To watch John Lackey do THAT?

After hours of traffic that shouldn't have existed this morning, hours of traffic that I expected coming home from the game yesterday, sitting in the bleachers and getting soaked, and wasting vacation time to watch John Lackey do THAT? Well, I'll tell ya, I'm just in no mood to recap that shit show. No mood at all. Nor am I in the mood to recap Tuesday's game, which was not NEARLY as bad. Alfredo Aceves, I forgive you. And in comparison to Lackey, I think I love you.

I'll spare you guys my frustration and anger, but on days like that, I think John Lackey should be forced to take that giant paycheck that he did not earn and issue refunds for everyone who wasted time and money to sit and watch him do THAT. So much money.... so much rain.... for that. I'm rightfully angry. I booed him. I NEVER NEVER NEVER boo my own players, but I couldn't control myself. It just sort of happened. It was an accident, and I feel badly about it.

Anyway, we have a nice off day to stew about the craptacular pitching of John Lackey and to think about how nice a new winning streak behind the delightful (he better be delightful!) arm of Jon Lester is going to be. I'm thinking it's going to be super nice. That sounds good, doesn't it? Happy thoughts, guys, on this icky, rainy, trafficky day.

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toosoxy said...

I think we should put a stamp on his giant cheek and ship him straight back to LA. Write a big fricking "return to sender" on his fat lower lip, wash our hands, and then go out for a pizza. I like mine with pineapple.