Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Timothy: Proving Old Guys Rock

There are probably about a million better titles that I could have come up for this, but I chose not to. Think what you will about me, I think Tim rocks... but I also need to point out and make very clear that just because someone is old does not mean that they rock. Besides, Tim isn't that old. He's only 43. In baseball years, that may be ancient, but in reality, it's not. But because Timmy Wonderpitches rocks so steadily, he managed three scoreless innings yesterday. On top of that, all of our other pitchers were also miraculously scoreless. It's early spring. Everything baseball related seems miraculous to me.

But the fact that Tim was able to keep up his good start to the spring is never something I will not appreciate. Oh, me and my double negatives when I could have just said that I will always appreciate it. Regardless of my use of negatives, I love good spring starts. Fact is, spring baseball is still baseball, and it still makes me feel all competitive and hungry for wins. When we get wins, I'm happy. When we don't.... well, yeah, it hurts less in the spring, but it still hurts. Tim is apparently quite recovered from his issues of the past year. He deserves another good start to the year, even if he will have to take the summer off again. I won't mind, and neither should you.

Today, Binky hops back up on the mound and tries to rectify his first poor start. I have every reason to believe that he'll be just fine. Why? Because. That's why.

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