Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beckett: Fireballer

Ah. Beautiful, beautiful innings from Beckett and the boys yesterday. But not you, Strike-out King. No, not you. There is time for your foolishness to dissipate, and I suggest you get to dissipating.

No, in all seriousness, fantastic work by most of the pitching yesterday. What looked to be a tight game ended up being.... well, still a tight game, but a high scoring tight game. Very unexpected, but acceptable nonetheless. Beckett (pardon me. The Commander) faced nine guys, got nine guys out. Three innings, 3 K's. Man, I wish I could have seen those K's. They're my favorite things, after all. What this tells me is that Beckett came into spring in shape and ready to go. Perhaps he didn't sit around eating raw meat and swilling whiskey and beer all off season. While I think that would be fantastic, I also think he being prepared for spring is great. No slow starts this year, boys!

Timothy is on the hill today against the Marlins. I guess I have a certain affinity for the Marlins, since it seems like all the import players that I truly love all come from the Marlins organization. Way to go, fish. Producing good players and then letting us have them? I love it. Who am I kidding? I love everything today. Another gorgeous spring-like day in Boston, I'm wearing really kickass shoes today, and baseball exists. Really, it doesn't take much to please me.

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