Monday, March 22, 2010

Johnny Demon: It's Official. I will never cheer for this man

I thought about scoring tickets for the first game that the Tigers are in Fenway for 2010. Seeing as how former Red Sox hero Johnny Damon would be returning, I thought, hey... I booed the hell out of him when he was with the Yankees. He never got the Red Sox Nation love that he rightfully deserved. I thought it would be a nice gesture to go and make my own personal peace with the guy. After all, he's the ONLY one of the 25 that I really ever claimed to hate.

Well, after reading this piece, I can safely say, he will be showered with my taunts and boo's for the rest of his career. From the article:

When Damon headed south on I-95 in 2006 to join the Yankees, he packed up his
World Series ring and kept it off his finger. Now a member of the Tigers, he
said he's been flashing his Red Sox ring."I started wearing it this
past offseason after I knew I wasn't coming back to New York," Damon told the
New York Post. "I was in New York for four years and I couldn't wear it then."

That's more than enough for me. But, of course. He's more than willing to wear the Yankee ring along side with the Red Sox ring while playing in Detroit. Apparently, there's no shame in winning one with the Sox as long as you've won one for the Yankees, too. Screw you, Johnny Damon. I hope someone slashes your tires.... everywhere you go. Forever.

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