Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dahmer: Eaten Up By Twins' Bats

Yup. I thought all night about what the headline for this post should be. That's what I came up with. Because Dahmer... he ate people.... yeah. No, I know it's not funny, but in the light of what's going on in Florida, I am allowed to make whatever jokes I want. Our resident cannibal lasted a very unimpressive 1.2 innings, allowing 6 runs (5 ER). Not only did he allow almost as many walks (3) as hits (4), but he also hit a batter. It's March 24, shouldn't his control be a LITTLE better than that? Then again, he's only pitched just over 6 innings this spring... but that's in three games. And he technically has some time to get on track... I don't know. Look, all I do know about this kid is that right now, he's pretty much a lock to make the starting rotation because of the time delay that Dice-K is on. How long he will keep himself in the rotation, I do not know. It's been the running question through the winter and spring so far. What will happen to Wakey and/or Dahmer once everyone is healthy and in position to be a starter? You all know my vote is to keep Wake in the starting rotation, at least until he breaks the record and then he can retire. Let the man have his moment in the sun!

Now. For the troubling news.... Munchkin. He is hurt. Hopefully he is not hurt badly, but you never want to see your hot fielding, high-fastball-swinging, Napoleon-complexed former AL MVP go down with a wrist injury, never mind having said player go down with said injury two weeks before said season begins. Wait, I didn't mention the season.... but you clearly know what I mean! I guess I just have to maintain hope that he will be fine by Opening Day (Night). Sigh... these Sox make me a little sad lately.

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