Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You, Spring Training: I Needed That

Oh my GOD, did that feel good or what?! I needed that. I needed it bad, and now I feel good again. Spring training baseball against college kids may not be what most people find thrilling, but I was glued to my seat, basking in the voices of DO and Remy, cherishing the visuals of Munchkin sauntering up to the plate, and oh.... oh, there was Tek. Yeah, he may have struck out against a college kid, (but you didn't expect any better and you know it) but still, just seeing him in uniform makes me euphoric. Holy hell. Welcome back, baseball. You'll never have any idea how much I miss you when you're gone.

15-0 against Northeastern and 6-1 against BC. You know, I almost feel bad for the college kids because they usually lose pretty soundly. But at the same time, they get to be in Florida, playing baseball against the Red Sox, so I really don't feel THAT bad for them. And I'll say, seven innings might be enough for them, but it's never enough for me. Baseball gets taken away so abruptly at the end of the season, and then they ease you back in. In a perfect world, it would be completely the opposite. Or not. I don't know. That's why I don't make these decisions. I mean, it would be NICE to have a few meaningless exhibition games after the world series, just for the sake of my baseball fandom, but you know the teams wouldn't have their hearts in it. So, I guess we'll leave things the way they are.

The first televised spring training game of the year, and I already feel this good. Just a glimpse of baseball, and the world is right again. I can't wait to see more! Bring on the season!.... or at the very least, a few more games! Please?

Josh Beckett and an assortment of other pitchers are scheduled to toe the rubber tonight, but to my knowledge, the game will be untelevised. I don't care. It's just really great to say that Beckett's taking the ball for us tonight. Go on, Josh, start this Mayor's Cup tournament off right and give those Twins spring-training-level hell!

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