Monday, March 8, 2010

Lester: Let's Not Start This Again, Kay?

Don't get me wrong.... I don't think in ANY way at all that his first spring outing is an indication of how he's going to start the season, but it did remind me that I wanted to write this. So here it is. Hey Jon, you know I adore you. I watch all of your starts carefully and have managed to be in attendance for quite a few games that you've started since you joined the rotation full time. Here's my problem. I'm not a fan of the slow starts. They're not cute or entertaining. Now, I'm sure you don't do that on purpose, but just for fun, how about this year you start the season doing really well. Last year took you what felt like forever to find your rhythm, but really it was closer to two months. Truth is, we could have REALLY used some quality starts in those two months because, as you know, Joshua was stinking up the place something awful, too, for the first month. Oh you silly wonder twins snapped into it, for sure, but next time you're sitting around shooting whiskey and talking about which necklaces to wear this season and how many times to throw around the phrase 'executing pitches', why don't you make a game out of getting off to a strong start. The rules are up to the two of you, just get it done. If you do, I'll promise to stop calling you the wonder twins. Can you handle that? Thanks!

Oh, no, believe me... all the letters that I address to people who don't care about my opinion in this blog don't say anything about me. I just love the game, and I love pitching. I am unabashed in my love of both of those, so I am allowed to address the objects of my affection in whatever way I see fit. How can you not love pitching, and therefore, pitchers? 96 mph fastball, outside corner. High or low, I don't care, so long as it hits the corners. I've been waiting patiently, but it's getting close to the regular season and I think about the things like slow starts and pitching mechanics and rain delays. I'm expecting rain delays, of course, for every game I go to this year, but I don't care. I love Fenway in the rain.

According to my tracking, we're up on the Twins 2-1 for the Mayor's cup. It doesn't mean anything to win it, but the competitive side of me always wants to see us come away from Florida with it. Though, the Twins have JJ Hardy now, so.... I don't know. I want him as OUR shortstop. It's not fair. I can't have Gonzo and I can't have Hardy. Oh, Marco, you better impress me, my friend. I have a phobia of horrible shortstops. Even if you're good, it'll still take me a while to warm up to you, because I know what it's like to be in love with a shortstop and to have him taken away. Twice. It's painful. I'm always hesitant to jump right back in love with the next one who comes along, but I'll try. I'll try for the sake of the family. And because I'm getting rambly again, I'll stop myself.

All reports say that Lackey looked great on Saturday, but Dahmer wasn't so sharp on Sunday. It's cool, because our 'pen guys seem to be starting spring off right. Like I said about Binky, a bad start for your first game of the spring is no indication of anything. A good start isn't an indication of anything, so Commander, Timmy, and Lackey, I'm keeping my eye on you three. I demand more good starts. I also demand some spring training baseball on my TV. Not an adorable trick, having the game blacked out yesterday, MLBTV. Not adorable at all.

Oh well. The sun is shining, it's not 30 below zero, and my Sox are 3-2 for spring thus far. If you don't think the world is a good place, I'm worried about you

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