Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Pitching: Holy Crap, It Sucks

Again, emphasizing the fact that spring training games mean nothing... holy HELL, what is happening. Do our pitchers really have that many new pitches and problems to work out that none of them, not a single goddamn one who pitches in any game, can win? I was actually convinced that we won against Penny and the Cardinals yesterday, but lo and behold, they found a way to lose. I have no idea what happened. All I know is that I'll be able to watch some hot Mayor's Cup action tonight featuring Clay Buchholz and hopefully a delightful little win for our boys.

I mean, we're 9-11. Granted, my memory of spring trainings past isn't fantastic, but don't we usually do better that this? Do I sound delusional if I try to warp this into a good thing? I mean, if everyone is more effective this year in working on their problems, is it much of a stretch to think that we won't have as many growing pains with the new pitchers and players this year? I'm hoping that my silly little brain has come up with the correct conclusion.

Paps is pitching with migraines, Bonser feels some grabbing at his groin (I presume not the good kind), Lowrie has mono, Beckett has a tendency to develop some nasty hangovers.... I don't know, I just kind of have been laughing it off. That being said, seriously, a few wins would be nice. I would love it if our boys could go into the season knowing what a "W" looks like. If not, eh.... I guess we'll all just have to live now, won't we?

Good news, though. Forgot to put this up the other day... Ryan Westmoreland has been moved out of the ICU and is now residing in the rehab center. Again, I continue to wish Ryan the best of luck because a kid that age deserves some good luck.

And, just a quick note about the Mauer deal: Damn it. I wanted him. But it's ok, because he's where he belongs. Seriously, though, Twins, you already have the shortstop I wanted. Did you HAVE to keep the catcher? Now I need to pick out another player to covet. Who am I kidding, I'm still gonna covet their shortstop. Maybe one day he will be ours!

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