Monday, March 8, 2010

Bizarre: Look Who's Pitching Against Us

Um.... hi Charlie Zink. It's been a while, I suppose. This is a little awkward, for sure, but... I really hope there aren't any hard feelings. We'll always care about you. We just want you to know that.

Yeah, so I looked up our opposing pitchers today and gasped just a little when I saw Charlie's name. It's always weird for me when I see players that I really liked and really wanted to see do well in Boston on another team. Charlie got one chance at the big time in Boston, and it was ridiculously forgettable. It's so forgettable that I've forgotten how bad it was, and I don't want anyone to remind me. All I know is that we won that game. Maybe that's not a consolation prize for the little knuckleballer who could, but it's all I got.

I want him to do well in his one inning of work today. But I want Chris Carpenter to do so badly that by the time Charlie gets to come and pitch, the Cardinals have no hope of winning. There, I've balanced my sadness for Charlie with my fandom for the Red Sox perfectly. There's my good deed for the day!

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