Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock Bottom: Mariners Can't Beat Lackey. Why?

Once again, Mudpie turns in a nice little pitching performance on a night that I am not in the park. What will it take to get him to pitch that well on a night that I'm at Fenway? Because let's face it, I already know that he'll probably be pitching the next game I go to, and I would like to see a win. Just giving you advanced warning, Mudpie, so you can have all the extra time to come up with new ways to disappoint me.

Offense is key though, people. Good pitching is important, but you can't win a game if you don't score any runs. Luckily, the offense brought some of their run producing bats and were able to get the job done on Friday. After Mudpie allowed a run in the first, Youkilis was able to get said run right back with an RBI single. Two innings later, Pretzels put us on top to stay with a solo home run. Is it weird to anyone else that he has 16 home runs? Why does he have 16 home runs? I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with that.

It looked like a nailbiter of a game with a one-run lead going into the bottom of the seventh... and then it almost turned into a laugher, and then it went back to save situation.... yeah, one of THOSE games. I wasn't entirely sure what my anxiety level was supposed to be by the time Pap came in for the ninth. A five-run seventh gave us a 7-1 lead (thanks largely to Ernie, Youkilis, and Papi), and then a 3-run Mariner home run cut that lead to 7-4. I will not fault Morales for the 3-run homer this time, but let's not make a habit of this, eh Franklin?

Besides, it didn't matter. It was still a relatively comfortable win for a majority of the time, especially with a nice clean inning from Pap. It's now three days later and I still haven't figured out what my anxiety level should be, so there's that. On to game two of the series!

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