Monday, July 11, 2011

Lackey Doesn't Suck: But Only When I'm Not At The Park

Is it petty of me to be a little annoyed that he pitched so well? I mean, I know it was the Orioles and all, but I've been in attendance for the two starts at Fenway prior to this, and he was atrocious. Knowing that he's CAPABLE of pitching that well makes me angry that he doesn't do it when I'm wasting my money. /bitterness.... but not really.

Good ol' Buck Showalter... oh man, you and your team need to calm yourselves. Honestly, trash talking with nothing to back it up makes you look really bad. This is what Show had to say about Lackey after the game:

"I thought the key was we didn't do much against Lackey, and it seems like a lot of the American League has," said O's manager Buck Showatler. "So hats off to him, but we expected a little bit offensive output tonight."
That just reeks of bitchiness, doesn't it? Am I reading this wrong, or did he essentially say that everyone knows Mudpie sucks and he's surprised they didn't score a ton of runs off of him? Buck, he might be Lackey, but you're still the Orioles! Get back in the basement and be quiet, ok?

We gave them a chance. The offense didn't explode for eight runs in the first again. We scored less than eight runs in the entire game, and we gave them Mudpie to tee off on, but they couldn't. They couldn't do anything with Mudpie, or Bard, or Papelbon. Our offensive contribution for the night was a triple and four doubles, three of which scored runs. Pretzels tripled while Youkilis, Reddick, and Munchkin doubled. We were nice enough to keep the ball in the yard.

I feel like this post has taken a very snarky, anti-Orioles turn. Again, I'm not anti-Orioles. I love the Orioles. Really, I'm just anti-Kevin Gregg and anti-Buck Showalter running his mouth about how much he hates the Red Sox. Also, I take offense to his comments about Mudpie. Weird, right? It's sort of like, I can say anything I want about my family and that's fine, because they're my family, but you are NOT allowed to talk negatively about them. I never EVER thought I would compare Mudpie to a member of my family. I must not be feeling well. I think I'm going to lie down...

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