Monday, July 25, 2011

Joshua Wins: Tito Gets To 1,000

Who better to have on the mound when you're going for your 1,000th win as a manager than JPB? Well, Pedro in his prime, of course, but since that was not available, we'll go with Josh. Wasn't Josh pretty on the mound Saturday? The hits may have been a little high, but the runs were low, and he recorded one strikeout for every hit surrendered. That's balance. Josh was well-balanced. And pretty. Did I mention pretty, because that's really high up there on the list. And by 'Beckett was pretty', I mean 'Beckett's fastball was pretty.... also, Josh is an attractive man, but definitely love the fastball.'

Despite being pretty with a delightful fastball, a pleasant changeup, and a lovely curveball, Josh walked off the field without a lead. A solo home run to My Carp to begin the seventh was the difference in the game when Josh finished up.... and then the offense took over.

It wasn't the most explosive rally we've ever seen in the seventh, but I will never turn my nose up at a three-run rally.... especially when that rally is started by a bases-empty, 2-out single from the love of my baseball life. Strangely enough, it was Pretzels again to do the damage and seal up the win for Josh. Munchkin and Ernie combined to distract David Pauley enough for the third run to score, and there's your offense.

At the end of the day, Josh picked up the win, lowered his ERA, and gave me a good reason to recap the game. Usually I get these recaps up early on Monday, and I'm only on Saturday's game. Man, I am dragging today. I wouldn't expect much better out of me tomorrow, though.

Up next, Tim Wakefield goes for win #199, and I miss everything after the fifth inning and I pretend that I knew what happened. Stay tuned!

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