Friday, July 22, 2011

500!: That's A Big Number

Here's the deal.... I haven't been posting. I've been sitting on post #499 for pretty much the entire week because I was trying to come up with something fun and awesome for my 500th post. And you know what? I give up. I have no research projects or fun tirades to go on. So now we're back to the drivel. Hope you're all cool with that.

Actually, in the land of happiness and sunshine, I got to attend Jason Varitek's Celebrity Putt-Putt last evening. I dopishly said three words to Jason as I was photographed with him. I can't help myself... it's the thighs. They make me speechless. Around him, I am the ultimate fangirl and all I can do is giggle. He looked positively stunning in his purple golf shirt, folks.

I also spent a significant amount of time standing near Joshua Patrick. I was behind the guard rail, so I didn't get to, you know, talk to him. He didn't acknowledge most of the folks outside of the guard rail. But I snapped a bunch of fancy pictures of him in which he looks completely possessed. Josh might be the devil. Just putting that out there. I'm ok with it, though.

I saw Salty holding a small child who I will presume is his daughter. Tim Wakefield had her giggling because he kept reaching over to tickle her. I'd like to believe that Wakefield tickles everyone. It seems like a very grandfatherish thing to do, and he should be grandfatherish. It was pretty adorable.

I was lead to believe that Lester, Youk, and Ernie were going to be at this event. I didn't see any of them, but I did get stuck staring at Lackey. Who let him out of his cage, huh? I demand my money back. Now he's trying to ruin non-baseball games for me, and I don't think that's acceptable.

I'll try to put a couple of pictures up later if I remember... and I will edit them into this entry and delete this paragraph so it looks like it all went up together seamlessly. And that's that. Five hundred posts. Thanks to all you nice people who keep coming back to read my ramblings!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. I'm sure Youk was just late.

Section 36 said...

Happy 500th! Drivel is a perfect way to celebrate.

The putt-putt sounds like a great event.

Conor said...

Congratulations on 500 posts, it looks like I'm on 606 and I didn't even see my 500th pass by! There's always 1,000.