Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beckett: Swoon.

That's all I have to say about Josh. He didn't swoon; he makes me swoon with his pitches and his grumpiness and his lack of chin. For people like Posada, it's laughable, but it works for Beckett. He uses the facial hair well to craft a shadow chin. Now that I've established how much I love Josh, I will be up front and say I haven't watched this game yet. I pretty much haven't been home for two days, so I recorded it, but I didn't get to see it yet. Don't tell me what happened, guys. I want to see it for myself.

I knew we won, and I knew the final score, but I don't know how that score happened, so I'm going to live-blog my reaction to going over the recap of the game! Let's go!

Ok, my initial reaction is that they need to find a picture of Josh that doesn't make him look constipated. I know it's his pitching face, but I think a picture of the scowl would work just as well, don't you? How about a stare-down? Josh likes to stare. I've seen him do it. There are so many better pictures of our little All-Star. I know! I have about a hundred of them. Alright, let me move passed the picture in the front and check the box. Huh. Each team had six hits? Before scrolling down, I can see that since Joshy got the win, and the Sox didn't score the winning run till the ninth inning, he must have stayed in the game a good long while.... but we'll get there. I want to look at the hitters' stats first.

Youk is the only one credited with an RBI? There must have been a double play in there somewhere. That's slightly irksome, but nothing I can do about it now. Let's see... two hits for Pretzels... oh yeah, that's what I'm calling Ellsbury from now on since he's made of pretzels and marshmallows. I didn't want to forget, because I'm going to stop using CRW. It's all Pretzels from here on out! Anyway, Munchkin was on base three times (one hit, two walks), Ernie also walked twice. Ooh! Tek got a hit. That's pretty awesome. I feel like his batting average has been respectable for an aging backup catcher, don't you? He's getting a hit once every four at-bats. You can't argue with that math. Hey, apparently that hit was a double! That's pretty cool. Showing some power there, Jason? Nice.

Let's move on to pitching. Oh, Joshua, look at your line! It's beautiful! 8 IP 5H 1ER 0BB 11K? That's just fantastic. There are cookies in your future, dearest. Chocolate chip bacon cookies. You seem like you'd enjoy them, and trust me, they're pretty darn good. Paps seems to have had a nice inning too, but I'm not going to give him cookies because I don't want to. I love how I am completely ignoring the Astros' side of the stat page. It doesn't hold any relevance for me.

Now a quick visit to the play-by-play page so I can see how all three runs in the game were scored. So that double play I thought existed? It didn't. Jason (oh, how I love him!) reached on a force attempt and a run scored because Brett Wallace messed up. I'm not complaining about it, I just wish Tek could have gotten an RBI for that. I feel he should have one. I guess to make up for it, in the bottom of the fifth, Wallace doubled and was driven home by Angel Sanchez to tie the game. Boo! Do. Not. Like. Now to the ninth... Kevin Youkilis walked in a run? Really? That's got to be painful for Houston. Walking in the winning run in the ninth? Ouch. Hey, I'll take it, but that's not a pretty way to win. Luckily, like I say all the time, there are no style points in baseball.

Well, I'm happy, and I very much look forward to watching this game. I love watching wins. It's so much more fun that watching John Lackey... who I will angrily get to in a little while. I've got cookies to hand out first...

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