Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nancy Drew: Providing Sweet Dreams for Yours Truly

I was able to sleep comfortably after Drew knocked in those runs. I don't care about any of the runs that came after those. Those two were the ones I loved. Those two gave me peace.

Because let's face it, there was no goddamned peace before those two RBI's. None. Beckett was pitching his angry-Texan-ass off, and our lineup looked like they were napping at the plate. No hits through six and a third innings... a perfect game through five and two thirds innings. It was looking uglier than Asshat (who, coincidentally, is the reason the no-hitter ended.... guess he was the uglier one after all).

So the Commander got his 11th win, and lowered his ERA. It's now under 4... not quite impressive, but it's ok. He's been struggling all year between being 2006 Beckett and 2007 Beckett. Last night, 2007 emerged. I loved it... in retrospect. Because, of course, when we're getting no-hit, I don't appreciate anything our starter is doing unless he's no-hitting the other team.

Some more positives about the Red Sox, because I'm in a very positive mood (I just had a piece of chocolate.. and chocolate makes everyone in officeland happy):
1) Julio "POS" Lugo was not playing last night
2) It was revealed that Charlie Zink WILL be playing
3) We won without Ortiz in the lineup
4) POS will also not be playing today!
5) We won on the road
6) We didn't lose the series - we tied!
7) Scott Feldman, the starter for the Rangers tonight, shares his name with someone who works in the next building over.... and I don't think he can really pitch effectively. Should be a good night.
8) We've got a lot of hitters whose first name begins with "J"
9) My beloved Captain is still above the Mendoza line. Yay!
10) We're only 4 games behind the Exorcised Rays instead of 5
11) POS is still hurt.

Looking forward to some good old baseball at Fenway tonight. Though I won't be there, my thoughts will be on the team that I love so much, as I shout vulgarities at them from my living room. Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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