Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jimmy Fund Telethon: Call in

Now, I don't know how many people actually read this page, and I don't really need to know. But, if you're reading this, and you aren't aware, we've come upon the Jimmy Fund Telethon again....

Cancer research is near and dear to my heart. I lost one grandfather when I was a year old. I lost the other grandfather while I was in high school. I lost my father just last year to lung cancer, and my aunt is dealing with breast cancer right now. My family is very much affected by cancer, so every year, I try to give something... ANYTHING to help cancer research. I know there might come a time where I will have to face chemo treatments, or someone else I love will get a cancer diagnosis. I want to do anything I can right now to help, so if I ever need a cure, or if my sister ever needs a cure, or my mom, or my cousins, or my niece and nephew... if anyone else in my family ever needs a cure, maybe it will be there for us.

I don't know any of the kids or employees at the Dana Farber Clinic right now. I don't know any of their families. But I know what it feels like to realize there are no treatments left. I know the numb, the fear, the anger that appears when someone you love is out of options. It's an awful feeling. So even though I don't know anyone over there right now, I'd like to think that maybe my money is helping just one more family not have to feel that way. And if that's the case, I'll keep donating every year, as much as I can.

Jon Lester has a special place in my heart, because he went through it, and he's thus far been victorious. I don't know Jon personally, and I probably never will, but he got his cancer diagnosis right around the time that my father was being told there was nothing left for him but to die (thus how Lester became "Binky" to me... it was strangely comforting seeing him pitch in the majors again). Seeing someone like Jon get back on a pitching mound should inspire people. They can find cures and successful treatments, they just need the funds.

This is why I urge everyone.... donate if you can. Treatment is so much more than medicine. The people at Dana Farber do what they can to help kids still be kids while they're sick. They do so much good work. Even if they can't save everyone, they can save more than ever before. Just imagine what cancer treatment could be in the future if it had the funding it so badly needed. So call in, or click in, and pledge just a little bit of money to help the folks at Dana Farber do what they do best... make a cancer diagnosis managable.

The kids at Dana Farber are counting on you.
Call in number: 877-738-1234
or go to here

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