Monday, August 4, 2008

Oakland A's: Thank you for sucking

We needed that. Three games... three wins, but most importantly... OFFENSE!

My first reaction to Jason Bay is that I like him and I hope he's very happy here for however long we end up keeping him around (contracts CAN be extended). My second reaction was that he looks like some weird combination of Scott Kazmir and John Olerud. So now, he will be forever referred to as Kazerud... or JayBay because that makes me smile.

Red Sox fans continue to disappoint me with the way they're handling the Manny situation. Can't people just respect what he did for us and leave it at that? You can't compare Kazerud and Manny because it's not fair to the new guy. And have some decency, people. No badmouthing Manny after he's gone. Move on.

Props to Mr. Mikey "Awesome" Lowell for playing through an injury that must have been bothering him for a while. I love that man.

I just wish Tampa had lost the damn game like they were supposed to yesterday. Oh well. Happy Monday, everyone.

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