Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daisuke: Terrifyingly Good

Or just terrifying. I guess it depends on what inning you're watching. If it's somewhere around the 4th inning, then he's just terrifying, but most others are terrifyingly good. He's like two different pitchers. Sometimes, he's Manny Delcarmen.... putting a ton of guys on base and tempting them with their ability to score. Other times, he's Jonathan Patmybum, (hopefully) shutting down the other team's offense and preserving scorelessness. What a strange little monkey.

Speaking of monkeys, Munchkin got booted out of the game last night, and I don't blame him. I really didn't like the umpire's attitude either*. Although I never like to lose Munchkin for any amount of time, a few innings is acceptable. Let's just not make a habit out of it.

*Disclaimer: I never like umpires' attitudes. Ever.

Awesome to see my beloved Captain have 3 RBI's, which he did. Unless I miscounted, which is possible. I missed a fairly large chunk of game last night while drilling holes into my walls. I officially know how to use the cordless drill. Fear me! Or not. One way or another, you're still doing what I tell you to.

Oh yeah... the Captain. RBI's and HR's make me happy. Most of all W's make me happy. (Unless said "W" is in front of the letters "ily Mo Pena")... and we did in fact get another W. So how is it we're not gaining any ground? When the hell are those damn (Devil) Rays going to lose two or three games in a row?! They don't even have any players left!

In other news... They f*&^ing did it to me again. I can't even believe it. I was lined up... again.... to see Beckett pitch on Saturday, and they f#$%ing pushed back his start... AGAIN! The two occassions that Beckett's been scheduled to pitch a game I was scheduled to see, they gave him extra days off.

This (I'm sure of it now) is Tito's slowly executed plan to make my hot-tempered head explode. God damnit, Tito! Stop f*&#ing messing with me!

Anyway, not sure how much I'm going to be posting in the next week. We'll see how bored I get during my vacation.

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