Thursday, August 14, 2008

Binky: Strong Start, As Usual

I've really not much to say about the game last night, so I think a quick summary will work...

-Binky was awesome, again, as he tends to be. So I'm generally not surprised.
-The Admiral does not deserve to be booed, unless he signs with the Yankees, stupid Fenway fans. I have no respect for anyone who boos their own players. We've been getting more and more of it. Enough already.
-Kazerud = good
-Asshat is surprisingly overperforming in this crazy post-ASB world we live in.
-CRW has a bruised tailbone, causing us to have to watch Coco
-Jason Varitek has shattered my understanding of the world.

No, not for his lack of baseball prowess lately... I read, and heard, and received text messages this morning about the same thing. Apparently, Jason has filed for divorce from his oh-so-perfect-for-him wife. This troubles me far more than anyone who doesn't know me can possibly understand. Hell, I don't think the people who know me really understand

Say it aint so, Captain. Please say it just isn't so! My world is shattered. I will be stopping at the liquor store tonight, that's for sure.

Wow, really. That ruined my day. What's next? Is Tek going to tell me that he's signing with the Yomiuri Giants next season? God damnit!

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