Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Night: Not What I Expected

Is it fair to say that Josh Beckett sucked last night? I think it's relatively fair to say. I'm sure he has his reasons (injury, rust, the twenty extra pounds he seems to have put on) but it hardly matters. This is not last year's Josh Beckett. This is 2006's Josh Beckett, who never really got into a groove, the one who was CONSTANTLY shaking off Varitek. Perhaps Becks didn't feel confident in his pitches, but shaking off Varitek is something that doesn't sit right with me. Right now, I'm in the mindframe that this Beckett isn't going to help us win. We just need to accept that and get ready for next year when he will be inexplicably awesome again. Even numbers equal down years. Beckett doesn't need the added pressure of being 'ace' right now. He's got enough pressure trying to find the strike zone with the bases loaded. We've still got a bona-fide ace, and he's pitching tonight.

I won't write another glowing love-fest sort of post about that ace, because, well, it's safe to say that Binky knows we love him by now.

So Jacoby got the very first 3-run single in post season history? I think that's awesome. I also am a little bit surprised that it's never happened before, what with all the post-seasons in history. But still, very cool.

I'm not going to blame Javy Lopez for this. I'm not going to blame Munchkin (0-for the series). I'm not even going to blame Beckett, because earned a ND (so did Saunders). Hell, as much as I want to blame Tito, I won't blame him either. I'm just going to write this off as a bad game, and accept it. There's another game tonight to worry about tonight. Bad games happen.

I'm expecting better, from everyone, tonight. Call me negative, but if we don't win today, I can't see us in the ALCS. Those Sox better be in the batting cages all day. Well... not all day, because then they'd be too tired for the game, but at least for several hours... or an hour! Or something! Give me something here!

I'm so sick of these 1:00 AM ending times. It's getting ridiculous. I've got a job, thanks very much, Red Sox. Could we try to wrap it up a little closer to, I don't know... 10:30? Thank you!

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