Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot Stove Season: It Already Started, Right?

So, since the World Series has been cancelled this year, it's officially Hot Stove season, right?

-Brief tidbits of news... D-Lo wants to return
-According to a BDD poll, more than 50% of people who voted want to trade Mike Lowell away and aquire Mark Texeira. To those people I say... you fickle little assholes. One injury-plagued year and people forget about that whole glorious "Re-Sign Lowell!" campaign we had going? Wow, people, you remind me why I'm convinced people suck.
-I'm convinced a majority of people (and that might include me) have no idea what's best for this club. We just went through a season where we saw most of our productive players go out with injuries, and a whole rash of other players step up. Just because Youk hit .300 doesn't mean Mikey won't rebound next year. Just because Ortiz had a bad year doesn't mean his career is over. Varitek still means something to us... as a coach! Really, it's our job as fans to be sentimental, and the management gets to make the hard decisions. Don't go ripping up this club because we came three runs away from a world series appearance. We made it that far with an injured Mikey, an injured Ortiz, an injured Beckett, an injured Lowrie, and an ineffective Varitek. We also made it with a first baseman (C+) who seemed to revel in leaving men on base. Don't panic. This is a good ballclub.

I intended this post to be longer, but after reading a majority of the opinions floating around the internet, I decided to give up for the day. I'll be at Gillette Stadium tomorrow for a work-related training event. I'll say hi to the Pats for everyone (if I see them)

Damn, I think the sick is coming back

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