Friday, October 17, 2008

JD Drew: Frequently makes me forget the bad things I say about him

You know what? I've given myself hours and hours to let it sink in... to let what happened last night fully absorb. And I can't do it.

I'm stunned. Impressed. Excited. Nervous. Are they giving us false hope? Are they really waking up? Who the hell knows?! I'm stuck in absolute wonderment. It amazes me.

The Rays were looking incredibly smug by the 7th inning. Of course, they had every right to be. It was 7-0, and we had a mere 9 outs left to go. Of course Tampa was liking their chances. But mocking our "fans" was a little uncalled for, and I think karma like that was their real downfall. The baseball gods did not appreciate that. Now, I'm not saying that said gods are going to continue to punish Tampa. I'm just saying that it was their punishment to lose.

But really, Sox fans. How on Earth do you boo your own team during a playoff elimination game? During the regular season is bad enough, but if you're booing your own guys, you do not deserve to be in that park. Never show your faces again. You know they were trying! Support them. That's what you're there for.

HR's by Papi and Drew, RBI's by Munchkin and Grumpy... and hits! More than one per inning! Oh, please let them keep this up for at least two more games. Please let them put up a fight and make it to (and beyond) that 7th game. I want more baseball so badly, and baseball is so much better to me when the Sox are involved. I can't fathom how to recap anything that happened.

All I can do is beg for another win from the Sox. And that's what I'm doing. Please, Josh. Win. You have to win. I really really really want you to win. So, consider it.


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