Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Made It: Happy Opening Day

The grandest of all April days is upon is, folks. Today, in just two short hours and four short minutes, Justin Verlander will be toeing the rubber, staring down Jacoby Ellsbury. Hopefully Pretzels responds with a refreshing 'we've got this, calm down' home run on the first pitch. Hey, I know he's no Dewey, but there's always a chance, right?

Though, the 'Relax' thing has always been more Munchkin than Pretzels. I guess I can wait for the second batter of the season. All I really care about is seeing our boys put together good at-bats and give a damn. And hell, if we're going to try to beat Justin Verlander, this early in the season might be the best time to do it. Early in the season when people are still trying to fully get back in the swing of things is the best time to pummel them. For the sake of denial, let's not apply that same logic to the impending work of Jon Lester.

For those who are not yet aware, the Sox lineup for today's game is this:

Pretzels (CF)
Munchkin (2B)
Ernie (1B)
Papi (DH)
Asshat (3B)
Sweeney (RF)
Ross (LF)
Salty (C)
Caviles (SS)
Lester (P)

Just a few short hours.... I can't sit still, I'm so excited. And I promise, no matter what the result of the game, I won't have an angry post tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Opening Day, friends. We're here. We've made it.
All I can say, and all I want to hear is this (trust me, you've been waiting for it too!) - PLAY BALL!

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Anonymous said...

Phillies underway in Pittsburgh. Perfect day for baseball. Happy Opening Day!