Monday, April 9, 2012

159 To Go: Nothing To Look Back Fondly On

Three games into the season and I'm having flashbacks to last year. I guess it could be worse, because even if this season is exactly the same as last season, we're looking forward to a summer full of awesome baseball, and then we can just shut off our TVs in September. It's fine! The season starts when the Sox win their first game and it ends on August 31st. If we can all agree on that, I think we'll be ok.

I don't have a single thing to say about Beckett's start. Not a single damn word. Moving on.

Yesterday hurt, in the most brutal of ways. So many leads squandered. So many head bashing moments. Our interim closer has not yet figured out how to close. He has an ERA of infinity. INFINITY. The rest of our bullpen heard rumors that giving up runs was fashionable, but they have not yet mastered the skill the way Alfredo has.

Now, I don't want to be too hard on Sauce because I know how good he was last year. He needs to get his head around this new role, and I really think he'll be ok. But infinity. It's not even a number, damnit. It's beyond numbers. The little sideways eight that tells you that you have not yet gotten an out. Infinity. Wow.

At least, at the very least, the offense came around yesterday. It doesn't matter when you can't close the book, but it was nice to see some runs. A little better pitching and we might be golden. Why am I being optimistic? I wasn't feeling optimistic yesterday. Actually, I was feeling pretty deflated, but it's fine.

Next up, Felix Doubront makes his regular season debut against the Jays. Would it be jinxing him to say that he couldn't possibly be worse than Beckett?

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sportsattitudes said...

Jinx may be in effect...