Monday, April 16, 2012

Clay Pulls Out A Win: Sox Bats Stay Alive

Watching GameDay in the fifth inning. One on, David Ortiz up to bat, down two runs. I sat watching, quietly asking David for his first home run of the season. If we could just tie this up, it would be a whole new ballgame and we'd have a chance. Dahmer seems to have settled down. After four runs in the first and a run in the third, he's kept the Tampa bats quiet. We just need to tie it. There's no one I want at the plate more than David Ortiz in these situations.

The little blue pitch locator showed up, "In play, run(s) score." There's a couple of tense seconds as GameDay is updating. I figure a double would have gotten Youk home. It's got to be a home run or a double. But there it is. "David Ortiz homers (1) on a fly ball to right center field. Kevin Youkilis scores." Beautiful.

When the team starts responding to my requests, I know they've clicked. I don't know how long this particular click is going to last, but they've clicked. The great thing is that after that home run, it was just two innings before the bats completely woke up to put the smackdown on Tampa Bay. The Sox had scored 22 runs in their first six games, and they had scored 25 in their next two. Admit it, you weren't expecting that at all.

The greatest part was that almost all the runs came off the mighty home run ball. As opposed to Opening Day, where 12 runs were scored without a single home run, this game was the opposite. Our batters, at least during this series (hey, don't want to get too far ahead of myself) have found both the timing and the power they need. Home run hitters for the day included Salty, Munchkin, Papi, Calviles, and Ross. I believe at least two of those home runs went straight out of the park and into the parking lot on Landsdowne. Pretty cool if you ask me. I love to see that kind of power out of players that I don't expect it from.

Make no mistake, the Sox weren't scoring runs off the slouches in Tampa's rotation. David Price and Jeremy Hellickson are good pitchers. Unfortunately for them, and quite fortunately for us, the Sox had some pent up road aggression to take out, and they were the victims of said wrath.

It's a beautiful thing, winning two in a row. Hasn't happened in a good long while.

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