Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry, Blue Jays: We Needed This

I'm sorry that you couldn't win your home opener, Blue Jays, but this win was really important to us. Another season of starting 0-6 would have been too much to bear. Don't hold it against us. What you CAN hold against us is when we inevitably figure out a way to kidnap John Farrell and bring him back to Fenway. That's our manager and you all know it.

Does it surprise anyone that Munchkin lead this charge? I heard a clip of Valentine saying that Pedey was at the park before noon, pacing back and forth and saying that they're going to get it going (or something along those lines. This isn't a direct quote). As Munchkin goes, so goes the team.

I didn't get to actually watch the game, but I was getting updates sent to me. Doubront seems to have done well. That pitch count was a little out of control, and he didn't really go as deep in the game as we probably would have liked, but he must not have been terrible. Did anyone see the game? How did he look? I figure he'll be fine.

Nice to see Sauce has brought that ERA down to a manageable 27.00. Pretzels still has done nothing to contribute. Asshat has done even less, and from what I understand, he spent a lot of time pouting. Sometimes it IS a strike, Kevin. Swing at it or shut up.

Tonight, though. Tonight, I'll be able to watch Daniel Bard's debut for the season. Do I think he's going to succeed as a starter? Not really, but I'll give him the chance to prove me wrong. These Sox love to prove me wrong, so he may throw a no-hitter. But I may have just jinxed that, so by calling the jinx, I unjinxed it, right? I don't know. I'm running on three hours of sleep and sports superstitions sometimes go way over my head. Let's just enjoy putting our first notch in the win column, huh?

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Anonymous said...

An ERA of 27.00 is definitely "manageable." :)